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26 Crazy-Smart Ways to Generate Online Leads and Increase Sales

Posted by Laurier Mandin on Jul 14, 2016 10:03:44 PM


If you’re in sales or marketing, your job is to generate new revenue for your company. 

I know how challenging that can be. For years I fought hard to create slow, incremental and often hard-to-substantiate successes for my clients.

Advertising is brutally variable and complicated, making it easy to burn through a lot of money without much to show for it. At my Edmonton web design company, we spent decades refining processes and methodologies for search engine optimization, pay-per-click marketing and social media marketing.

Inbound marketing software closed the loop, creating distinct advantages through integration, and provable ROI that builds momentum over time.

And as a Hubspot partner agency, Graphos has been fortunate to be part of something really transformative. We’ve become leaders at inbound marketing, and profoundly enjoy helping business owners and marketers to make really meaningful, measurable and continuous improvements to their branding, social media marketing, web traffic, lead generation and sales funnels.

Yet with all the great tools and techniques available, it continues to amaze me how many marketers still fail to deliver on their number one purpose: generating sales leads. 

That’s why my team and I put together this beautiful, easy-to-read eBook packed with 26 of our best marketing and lead generation tips. We’re giving it away for free, because we know it will help brand owners and marketers of all kinds move up to the new way of thinking we see working every day. 

Click the pink button below to download your copy, and send me a note with any thoughts or questions. I’m always happy to help and give advice!

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Laurier Mandin is president of Graphos, the Edmonton web design companybranding consultancy and inbound marketing agency he founded in 1993. 

Topics: Sales Lead Generation

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