How to Survive in a Clickonomy


Surprise! Marketing and consumption of goods and services has moved to the internet!

Okay, maybe not much of a revelation — but then why are so many businesses still missing the opportunity to promote themselves digitally?

who-run-the-world.gifThese days Facebook and Google are running the show and it’s never been easier to gain information you need from the people clicking your ads. (Kind of scary, isn’t it?) Age, gender, interests, education levels, relationship status, income, location, behaviour, browser, network, device, searched terms/keywords, what site they came from, how long they stay and how they navigate your site—these are a few categories of information you can collect on potential customers.

There are many upsides to running a web ad campaign—information, low-cost, mid-campaign refining, but how do you get consumers to follow through on what you're offering over your competitors?


The first step is to find your customer! Both Facebook and Google offer advanced ways of targeting an audience. Your goal at this stage is to define your prospects by focusing on specific demographics. If you haven’t identified your audience yet, you'll have to cast a wide net, capture initial clickers, and do some testing.

Adjust & Refine

Getting information on consumers is what drives marketing and advertising on the internet and platforms like Google and Facebook have powerful capabilities. Your first campaign acts as more of a control group than anything else. Once you've discovered who is clicking on your ads, it's time to get specific and improve future campaigns. Which visuals and wording are most effective? How many customers bought your product/service rather than just browsing through? Adjusting small things can increase conversions and tell you more about your customers and where they are in their buyer's journey.

Cut Through the Noise

Now that you know who you're targeting, how do you capture their attention? Your ads appear on busy web pages and, so how can you make sure your future customer notices? Differentiate yourself. This is easier said than done and it starts from the very inception of your brand. If you don’t know what I'm talking about, STOP NOW and take a good, hard look at yourself...

Let Your Website Do the Work

So you've managed to beat out your competitors and your prospects end up on your website — now what happens? What SHOULD happen is your visitor goes to a dedicated Landing Page which enables you to capture information and track the percentage of visitors who convert to leads.

Surviving in the most competitive and flooded online markets is far more than a guessing game. It requires data, testing and research. It requires tracking your marketing tactics to see if they're worthwhile. Those who ignore or abandon the powerful and useful tools of online marketing are destined for extinction.

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Posted by The Graphos Team on May 10, 2017